The release of the game

  1. how many airlines and aircraft are you going to implement in the game when it is released before people can mod and add there own stuff to the game ?
  2. is there going to be some sort of tutorial or is it just a hands on find out your self how to run the game ?
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Regarding question two (see Colorado1’s question):

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And regarding Q1; there are currently two airlines in the game (CLM and Stripe Air), but there will be more on release. Currently, there are five aircraft (Cessna 208, DHC 6 Twin Otter, ATR 72, CRJ 700, Boeing 737-600) unless the devs have been secretly working on more. I’d expect more of both prior to release.

Official mod support will be available some time after release, and I can foresee both these areas being really enhanced by mods.

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1: Not decided, we will probably start with what we have, maybe 2 or 3 more aircrafts and airlines. However, the plan is to continuously added new aircrafts and airlines to the game. Also the first modding tool would most likely be the feature to add your own aircrafts and airlines.

2: No of course there will be a tutorial at some point, it is more of a question how in-depth it will be in the initial release. It’s a matter of development time and I think people would prefer to get their hands on the game and not wait for us to add a fancy tutorial. But don’t worry we will provide you with the help you need to get started.


So now afer a couple of months,is the game gonna have a turorial?

“of course there will be a tutorial at some point” - Post above you

To make it clear. It will not have a tutorial when it releases, but it will in the future :slight_smile: Which does not mean it will be added immediately after release but when there is enough need for it. :slight_smile:

Besides, when adding it later, they will know what parts of the game need it the most :slight_smile:


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