The new feature for stands

So we finally got the possibility to make a stand exclusive for one Airline. And that is cool.
I want to keep building on this feature.

What i think should be added.
Atm we can only make a stand for all airlines or only one. Not 2,3,4 or so. One Or all.
I want check-boxes so i can add one stand for a few airlines.
In the long run it would be cool to be able to also choose what kind of aircraft can park at a stand. I think that would be a cool feature depending on what of airport you build. Again, you press the stand, and then a button on the menu for the stand. Get a list with all aircraft and check boxes so you can choose.


I am confused. Wouldn’t the two airlines be fighting over slots at that gate and if one gets delayed, the other airline has to blame the CEO for allowing two airlines. Also, can you name an airport that does this practice?

IDK, Heathrow? Lol, yea they are a very very good example of airport slots, and heavy fines. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:

Literally any airport where there are gates for a group of airlines. For example: Low-cost gates where Ryanair, easyJet, Wizz Air etc depart from, or different parts of the terminal for SkyTeam, 1W, *A etc.


Sorry about that. However, I think this should be on hold until they release Alpha 35.