The aircraft turn around

will you have different turn around times? and processes for different aircraft, also will we have to buy all the turnaround equipment and even change equipment to deal with different aircraft.

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I have seen that different turn around times will be in the game. Unfortunately, I cannot find the text.

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The devs said each type of aircraft would be handled differently. In that a cessna won’t have all the supporting vehicles a 747 has.

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do you think they going to allow large movement of passengers in the airport, or do you think that will crash the game ?

From what they have said they have performance in mind and although i haven’t seen actual numbers, they want to be able to simulate quite a number of passengers

Yes please. It’s typical, that a small Plane have a shorter turn around than a large one :wink:

Like a Airstairs etc. not to much but a few, would be nice

I’m sure it will happen, and it must be very easy to program into the game. Let’s say that a 737 needs a minimum of 20 minutes to turn around. All the developers need to do is to code a rule that forces the aircraft to wait at the stand a minimum of 20 minutes before leaving. So if the plane lands 60 minutes late it still needs to wait for 20 minutes to facilitate the turnaround.

And of course that time will increase for larger planes. Each aircraft would have its own minimum turnaround time.

I think that planes would already have a “turn around” time of how ever long it takes for the flight to deplane, refuel, etc. In reality, I’m pretty sure that planes can be at stands for a shorter length of time than average. I think that forcing a minimum amount of time that a plane needs to be at a gate won’t be necessary, as planes normally try to be in and out as quickly as possible.

Instead, if the planes are not at the gates for a “reasonable” length of time, then maybe the process times for all the required actions can be increased? I think that the number of passengers, ground crew would influence the turnaround times most. And I guess you would be able to hire quicker/more effective crew, but obviously can’t do that with passengers.


If I know what you mean then I agree entirely. Instead of it just being a countdown timer to departure it should be controlled by external factors, the amount of time to refuel, the time taken to put baggage and people on the plane, random events such as passengers not turning up to the gate forcing their bags to be offloaded causing delays and things could also be factored in. This way efficient people flow through your airport alongside an effective baggage system will be highly integral to the fast turn around of passengers!

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