Thanks to all the Airport CEO Employees

I would like to say a big praise for the developers!
They respond to our messages in the forum, solve problems, issue patches almost every day, and pick up what we want and report in many posts shortly after appear.

Thanks for a great game and keep it up!
Leave your :+1: if you with me!


Amen brother


Yes, they are doing really great job :dancing_women::dancing_men: Thanks !

Big job, great availability (which is not easy), thank you very much!

I love love love this game. The dev’s are the best out of any other game I have ever played. Thanks sooooooo much again.

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Cheers Olof and Fredrik. You both are really doing great… Just keep removing the bugs :sweat_smile:
@Masterubbe They are just 2 guys… not *Employees (I mean two is plural… but still)

Thank you very much for these kind words! :heart:

But it’s really us who should thank you and anyone who has supported this game. We’re still working with it as a “hobby” but this will change very soon, which would of been impossible without your support. Also, thanks for your patience with all the bugs and the iffy changes over time and thanks for helping us solve them with all the input and all the saves sent.

Can’t wait for when we’ll be able to invest our full time in this, combining development with tweaking the game to your likings and the speed the project will see over time. New art, more items, more aircraft, more stuff to do. Woah!


You both are very good at creating hype :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to admire the fact only few people coded this game … great achievement guys

only 2!!!

(insert swear words hear) you 2 guys are amazing

Stands up to clap and cheer

you have my admiration

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