Terminal gaps and unclaimed jobs [solved]

I suspect this issue relates to the following topic, but the issue could not be seen

([Solved] Multiple terminals, personal warning)

It is necessary to have a gap between Terminals
However, if there is a valid connection then these parts are not covered by staff

There is a temporary solution, but it is very messy and untidy!
Preferably any staff should visit these areas

Create one staff-room outside the terminal zone

Unfortunately this is what you will have to do, it is simply a limitation of how the systems in the game work. You can have the terminals align even closer (one tile apart is enough) - but that tile may still end up getting trashed and will have to be cleared out by a team not assigned to a terminal.

Yes, that was the solution I eventually worked out
If you have a large number of staff then having an “External Services” staff room with just one Janitor and Service Techinican can cover the entire remaining airport


Sounds like a dream position to be fair! :smiley:

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