Taxiway Width

Hey guys!
I normally build taxiways that are 5 tiles wide. This, of course, is for small aircrafts. How wide should taxiways be to accommodate medium stands and aircraft?

I do 3 for small planes, 7 for medium planes, and I will make 13 for the upcoming large planes.

Would the planes hit any objects right next to the taxiways? and by objects, i mean terminal buildings and occupied aircraft stands.

5 is enough outside the apron. Just like runways, taxiways don’t need to cover the whole wingspan of an aircraft. On the apron I do at least 9 tiles between two stands, so 4 tiles on either side of the centerline. That provides enough space and margin for all current aircraft in the game.


@fredehorn thanks! exactly what i was looking for!

I always build 5 tiles wide. I know it’s not right, but it saves space and operating costs, so it doesn’t bother me.

While playing moderate or difficult non-sandbox game I use 1 tile wide taxiways :laughing: for all the planes until around 3rd-5th year (of course with space left for expanding it to the intended width later). I know it is not realistic, but nothing stops me from doing so, all planes are using these taxiways just fine, and the saved money can be used for some other things (I do very similar thing with not using walls, doors, windows inside terminal until I have a positive cash flow :sweat_smile:).

In the end I have: 3 tiles for GA (+1 tile clearance from buildings), 5 tiles for small planes (+1 tile clearance from buildings), 7 tiles for medium planes (+2 tiles clearance from buildings).


That’s pretty extreme, but yeah, you gotta save that cash when starting out.

I have the same approach but never dared to be so extreme. :grin:

@orb that is some cool hack!!

Very cool idea. lol

At difficult non-sandbox, I usually end up taking out a $1M loan so I can start with small non-GA aircraft, then work on paying it back as I start building medium stands. 1 tile wide (with expansion room for 7-9) is a great idea to save $.

Depending upon at what stage in the game I do five then seven with 13 centreline to centreline for parallel ones.

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