Taxi procedures issues

I have some issues with the actual taxi procedures on my airport.

At the event of a plane arriving a runway, it goes to the end of the runway and stop over any plane in the same position.

There is another issue with taxi procedures as empty taxiways can’t be used if a plane have received the authorization to use it. For example, I have a plane trying to exit the runway but it is stopped because a plane at the platform is pushing back at the farest point of the taxiway.

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And planes arrival when there are other planes waiting to exit runway…

That’s a pretty sweet airport design. I haven’t seen the airplane stacking bug like that in a really long time.

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The issue still hapening…

Red circle planes are taxing. Blue circle plane is pushing back. Black circle is exiting runway. ALL THEM ARE STOPED!

So, no one moves and delays throtthle my airport :frowning:

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IRL there would be 2 taxiways to avoid these kind of issues, with only one taxiway like you have it now it is almost impossible to solve this issue. This is similar to a street with such a narrow road so only one car can basically drive on it, try to get to your house if you copy the traffic above. Either change it with one way signs and let them go around the terminal, or create another taxiway.

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I have found that you have to keep all your airplanes traveling in the same direction. If you create opportunities for them to run into eachother, this is what happens. The bottom runway should not be involved in landing planes from the top airline stand with the right runway landing bottom to top and feeding the lower row of stands. Try flipping your right runway to land top to bottom. If you create a single point of exit for your planes, the lower right corner of this pic, you should nearly eliminate the problems. Then, all planes will be traveling the same direction. You can also make some directional limitations on your taxiways. You could also build a new taxiway to the right of the old, and very specfically create limitations in direction of travel. Telling objects in this game they must go a particular direction can be one of the most important disaster mitigation strategies you have. You could also make the bottom runway landing only left to right, and the right runway taking off only, top to bottom… just a few quick observations.

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Nice tips, thanks @Bardaek! :smiley:

Taxiing really needs a sort out, probably in Beta phase. Why the aircraft on the main taxiway is waiting on the aircraft pushing back from Gate 20, <insert chosen deity(s) here> only knows…

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