Supplier Discount Activation Time

Hello All,

I think have this figured out. When negotiations happen, the supplier discount from the administrator’s program group is applied to the contract window, but not the negotiation window.

I had this issue when trying to find a contract better than my current fuel contract. When I look at my contracts, Jet Fuel shows as 14 cents per liter (a 4 cent per liter drop due to the previous contract agreement) and AV Gas as 61 cents per liter (no price drop worked out in contract). When negotiations open, the unaltered prices are 17 cents per liter for Jet Fuel and 79 cents per liter on AV Gas. I think these are the prices without the Supplier Discount from administrators being applied.

My main question is how do I see the actual contract prices? When looking to see a better contract, I was looking to beat the price shown on the current contracts, but those appear to be after the supplier discount is applied. Do the offered contracts also have the supplier discount applied?

For example, my current contract shows AV Gas as 61 cents per liter. When looking at offered contracts, I try to look for a price lower than 61 cents per liter.

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