Suggestion - request


I miss the game of being able to choose which deposit to send to when purchasing the vehicle. Currently I can only choose this after it appears on the map.

Another one that I’ve been missing is being able to stipulate how long before the flight time the transport buses will have to leave the boarding platform and consequently the boarding will be closed.

Another one to increase the challenge of the game is that you have to pay fines for losing passenger bags (varying in value by the amount declared by the passenger when checking in) (I believe that this would have to be developed some type of maintenance on the conveyor belts and synchronize this with the fatigue of the ramp agents).

Sorry for the english, I was based on google translate.

If you have a suggestion, please use #feature-voting, also, what language are you translating this from? (So we can know why’s Google Translate not working very well).


I will try to improve the text and paste it where you indicated.

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