Strange Baggage Help Symbol

When this happens some of the bags stop moving then the symbol disappears for a few seconds then comes back, it stays there even after i delete all of the conveyors for the second carousel.

The person in question does not have a route to it baggage I assume. Can he reach the baggage pickup area?

Yes there is sec exits leading to the baggage hall, there is quite a bit of seating but it fills up quick

Can you include a few more over arching shots of the entire baggage setup?

I have tried removing the tilt tray and just using the one baggage belt but no difference. The symbol keeps flashing even when airport is empty

Don’t see a belt issue, but do see a setup issue that has no relation, if I am not mistaken;

The last check’ in the security lane is not meant for the “main” line but for the “auto-spewn-out” lane, so, your guard checks if there really is a gun/cash/etc in the bag in question.

Thanks will move it, still don’t get what the symbol is for hopefully @olof will get to the bottom of it. If asked questions won’t be able to answer for another 7 hours unfortunately have school, Prepping for those horrible exams

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Did you file a bug report?

Not yet, will do ASAP

Just did (ACEO-3153)

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