Stop offering domestics!

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Is there any way to stop an airline offering domestic flights?

I use dedicated ramps for every airline, and I’ve just built 3 medium international ramps, with appropriate support systems. I’ve signed a contract with a new airline (Maple to be specific), and allocated the new ramps to them. They are zoned international, realistic international is toggled on, and the ramps are set as such. BUT! Maple keeps offering domestic flights, which I don’t want from them.

Is there any way to decline those flights, and more importantly, is there any way to tell the airline what type of flights are wanted?



Flights are offered by the type of available stands. That means as more domestic or international stands you have, the logic tries to make sure, that enough offers are coming in to fill all stands. (But the player has to make sure, there are enough contracts)

The player cannot define which airline is international and which one is not. It was planned to add such a feature to modded airlines (real origins and destinations based on the airline’s country) but it never came into the game.

In your setup I think you need lots of airline contracts to make sure, you get enough flights offered.

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So an airline that only has access to international stands can/will continue to offer domestic flights, even though there is no place to schedule them? That is a ridiculous situation. Dedicated stands should generate appropriate flights.

I assume you have every stand assigned to a dedicated airline, is that correct?

At the moment it does not take care of stand assignents.

Example: If you have two stands, one domestic and one international, all contracts will try to offer flights 50% domestic and 50% international no matter if stand 1 is only for Maple.

It’s one part which could use an improvement. There I am absolutely with you. :slight_smile:
Let’s see what the devs think of it.

Yes, ALL stands are assigned to airlines.

It’s actually also one reason for me why I don’t play with Shengen rules activated and only in countries where no medium or large domestic flights get offered.
I don’t want American Airlines, Turkish Airlines, BA etc offering me domestic flights for my Shengen terminal.

That sort of thing is not really an issue for me. I use only fictitious airlines, so it’s all head-cannon for me what airlines are domestic. Kinda makes playing an airport in New Zealand a bit frustrating though, as the area is too small to have all domestic on a decent sized airport.

I’ve made quite a few Domestic only airport and I tend to only set mine up at Wellington.

I did add a few more airports and modded some of the smaller airlines, but it does work.


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