Stockholm Sky (SSI)

I’m not good at creating airports but actually this one turned out pretty good. It’s a work in progress but i think i’m off to a good start. It’s a moderate difficulty, no loans and year 3 day 1. It started off with 3 GA stands and 4 commercial stands. Then i added 4 more small commercial stands and lastly i added 3 medium ones. Two of those are remote :). As of now the airport is preparing to expand into bagage handling. I know it’s nothing compared to those huge builds some of you do, but it’s profitable (one shop and one cafe. all domestic) and Have put, for me, a lot of work in to this one! Ofc I have gathered some ideas and inspiration from this forum. So hope nobody minds.

When bagage can be handled next step is to open a international terminal to the East


Love the terminal shape!


I agree, it’s a really nice design!

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Ya! I realy like the curvature

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Very nice.

Really nice build with great attention to details! :slight_smile:

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