Steam's Synchronize problem

Hello, I am a player from Hong Kong.
I found a little problem that the game can’t upload files to steam cloud.
It causes my notebook and my desktop have different version of save files.

Can it solve?

What platform are you running?

both are Windows

Hmm, not sure at all. We’re using Steam cloud sync constantly on our test machines and such and have no other reports on this so I can’t really say.

Is this feature supposed to allow saves to be used on any compute that you use steam for?

In theory. Never worked on OS X version of Steam. Hence my first question :slight_smile:

@kingkonghi Do you have any sort of firewall or filtering that could be affecting your issue?

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There was a news article this week about the chinese gov banning alot of apps, could steam cloud be among them?

isn’t hong kong a different country than China?

hmmm. its a region in China with different laws due to a previous British occupation. I wonder if the Chinese government can sensor data from Hong Kong.

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Yes, the government is closing in with meassures of control more and more.

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What? It’s working flawlessly for me. You haven’t gotten it to work?

Never, even though it’s ticked. I don’t think I’m the only one to notice either. I recall another mentioning too.

Never had it work, I use 2 macs too.

Have to activate this topic again. I have 3 PC (2 Laptop and 1desktop). All the same steam, all belongs to me, normally in the same network but the sync doesnt work properly. Did anyone know why?

First Laptop has the current savegame, desktop pc as well but the second laptop doesnt…Bit confused now.

Could there be a reason for example the Betas I’m using if they are different?

Thank you for any support.

With me, sync only happens when i close steam. And i’ve noticed if you change the branch setting on one pc, the others don’t follow.

The Steam client should sync your save when you close the application. I’ve tested this just a few weeks back and have verified that it works. Is Steam cloud saves activated on both your devices?

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Hi Olof,

yes it is activated on both. But will check again! :smiley:

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