Steamdb release date 1st of sep (not the actual release date) states the release date as the first (tomorrow)
and steam say available september not available during september or around september so i think this is probs urgent matter if its not to be released tomorrow

Steamdb cannot handle an imprecise release date, so it resorts to the 1st of the month.
We can’t help what steamdb makes of it :slight_smile:


We can still live-in hope!

Better believe in the last day of September then you can only be happy when it’s sooner.


They will announce the release date a few days before when it comes out. So September 1st is (almost) impossible @gobarn :wink:

@Robin the key word is almost… Leave me alone in my bubble of hope!:grin:

Let hope for it!:crossed_fingers:t3:


Hope springs eternal, got a message that an item on my wish-list was on sale earlier today and I was hopeful for a minute that it would turn out to be ACEO but alas not.

On sale means a discount, available for purchase is the email you want to get.

It’ll be when they have the product they feel comfortable releasing to the world. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Steam reviews are brutal, it would be unfortunate for them to be pummeled with bad reviews because of a buggy release. Yeah EA is bug finding feature testing platform but look at the games that stumbled out of the gate. Then you have some really polished EA games such as Empyrion Galactic Survival that have used EA bigly (lmao fake word from our glorious president in the us). ACEO is destined for success and I myself have found myself frustrated at times. I feel it’ll be worth it when we do get to play. Olof and Fredrik have been very responsive lately too.

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Yes Simairport was rushed and buggy and therefore couldn’t be successful in the long term. To me it felt like it was a cash grab because everything has died down now and they aren’t continuing to improve on the game. That’s why I’m glad ACEO has had time and effort put into it and therefore will fare my better than simairport.

In SAs defense they are in fact having regular updates. They’ve come a long way, but I don’t think it’ll ever be as deep as ACEO appears.

I’m not sure they want to. I feel (but i haven’t played it, just from watching videos) that SA goes more for the casual market, while ACEO caters to the detail fanatics :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just looking at the end of the graph one can clearly see there was another family/friends test. That’s good news! Of course that is in no way related to the 1st of September thing, but it shows progress.

It can mean another critical bug found or green light to publishing it. Let’s just hope is the latter hehe.


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