Steam Spotlight!

Was on the steam store doing my normal browsing when Airport CEO came across as a Spotlight game for me! Amazing to see and can’t wait for this game!

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That’s great to hear! We hope to make it available to you soon! :heart_eyes:


I have money on my steam wallet earmarked for ACEO!


What is Steam Spotlight?

Shows top games that you might be interested in. It’s like the front pages of steam store. Might not be called Steam Spotlight specifically

Presumably the algorithm highlights not only games that you might like, but popular games that you might like. That bodes well for the devs. :grinning:


The home page contains more of popular games of your and some different genres…but the suggestions list (somewhat different) contains everything of your preferred choice… whether bad or good.

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i really wish they would take my money i dont care if its broken. i wana play

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I don’t even see how it’ll be broken, they worked so hard on it. I keep checking the forum for “Airport CEO is Available Now!” Ughhhhh

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On monday in the devlog, I would like to end with a screenshot of the devs releasing the game, and it ends saying "the game is released!

Edit: Forgot after the devlog, I want my copy ASAP :angry:


Shoot I’m hoping they have a early arrival of devlog to announce! It can be any day now so the wait will end soon

I wouldnt count on that :slight_smile: but do keep hoping:D

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