Stand planner issues?

I am having an issue where the auto planner does not plan small aircraft but fills up medium only?
Am I missing something??


Do you have contracts with small planes?

Look at the 2nd picture. Numerous small available. Shown is an image of just one. Just doesn’t ever get allocated.

There used to be a slider that determined a/c planning?


Hello Bazzab68,

looks like you don’t get enough domestic flight offers.
Is your airport located in a small country, or in an area where no domestic airports are around ?
Did you activate “realistic international stands” in the gameplay settings ?

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No, that’s not the problem, there are no international flights that I can see, so international flights are not the problem

Can you show your airport please?

Could you please report this save so I can take a closer look? I might have an idea what it is.


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