Stand Issue

Hi, can anyone help me figure out whythe medium stands in the bottom concourse are saying they are not connected to Arrival or Departure Runway?

All 3 of my runways are open.


Are those stands all new?
If yes, please reload the savegame and then paths should be found after a few seconds. It’s a bug in the current version.

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Let me add, that on a reload, path finding for stands takes wayyy longer as before.

Are the runways enabled medium


We’ve seen some reports on this but I can’t seem to reproduce it. In your case @JakeSavage, did the large runway accept medium aircraft? That’s at least something to look at in regards to the medium stands. For the large stands, did they connect after a while or was left unconnected indefinitely?

Also, is what mode were you building in - Sandbox, not simulating construction, planning mode, etc?

This I might have a fix on for the next update! Will look into that.

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Direct load

A minute in.

Could you send a bugreport of this world and let me know the id, (if you haven’t already done it! :P) Should hopefully be solved with this fix.

Yes, let me load it in again, 40140


Thanks! Seems to be working better here after the fix! :slight_smile:


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