Staff wont go to their designated work areas


Would you all be so kind and help me please, my airport staff won’t go to their designated work areas,

Have hired numbers of Airport Staff, still the check in and and boarding desk are empty, Janitors continues to

lounge in the Staff Room, my CEO does the same.

All the best,

Pictures pls! (with zones enabled)

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oh ok…

I will, later soon as I get home:smiley:

@ am at work :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’ve had this sometimes before, make sure that all the workareas beyond security are zoned and that there is exit access linked to the zone. It only takes one line of unzoned area to cause mayhem


Thank you much!!!

Quick question, all execs and staffs are already in their designated stations and office, yet my CEO feels more like hanging out with the passengers ?


You mean like he’s sat on seats in the terminal and not a staff room? If that’s the case just delete the seats he’s sat on and he should move to a staff room straight after, should do anyway

Yes and somehow he was able to figure out where his office is…


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