Staff Won't Arrive

I’ve hired my staff, but they don’t seem to arrive. I’ve got my car drop off zones and I also have bus stops, but no activity. All my job titles are set to “delayed”. Any assistance is greatly appreictaed.


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Are the jobs in secure sections with no or understaffed security desks? Are the car drop-ofs correctly connected to the world?

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Are you sure that those bus stops and car drop off zones are reachable from the main road?

I think that’s probably it… :roll_eyes: I’ll try it out and get back to you tomorrow. Silly me.

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If you attach screenshots we can identify if we notice anything that will help with this issue.


I can confirm that the above suggestion by Olof was correct - these bus stops and car drop off zones were not reachable by the main road.

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Good to hear! :sunglasses:

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