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Hi! I feel like staff need some major reworks atm. Instead of having to go through security they should be able to just go where they please. You should be able to build doors and set to staff only so they can get around quicker. That would probably solve all the issues with Ramp Agents and Janitors just standing around on the bus stop.

Alternatively, look at how secure zones work and maybe allow staff to move freely on the tarmac without having to go through a security exit.

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You can always set a security station for only employees. I suggest you to build “small security station” with 1 security staff and set it for employees only. Also you can use “staff” zone on a specific secure exit in order to only staff will use that to leave secure zone.

By the way you can build staff rooms inside and outside of secure zones so instead of bus stop, staff will go and rest on these rooms.

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That’s what I’ve done but it’s just weird that staff has to got through security when they’ve been out on the tarmac. I can understand needing to go through security at the start of the workday but not every time the staff needs to leave the security zone. Then they should just have a swipe card and access through “staff only doors”.

No one except security staff uses my staff room. Since it’s a separate building.

I’ve learnt a lot from my first Airport so I’m going to start over but this is IMO one of the big issues that needs fixing right now.

I don’t understand what needs to be fixed. IRL every staff member has to pass from a security station or security door when they enter “secure” area.


It’s because the area which is not secure contains contraband. They NEED to be checked.

There is nothing wrong with how its done in game. I made a small security checkpoint for only staff to expedite them getting to secure side.

Let’s not argue about the right and the wrong way :slight_smile:

Security as a whole will get some loving later on, since it needs expanding in a lot of ways

Yeah, I’m not arguing that they shouldn’t ever pass through security, but the tarmac should be covered by the secure zone. There shouldn’t be a need for a ramp agent to pass through security, going from tarmac to terminal.
At least that’s the only reason I can give for them not going to my baggage handling building, which is separate.

I agree there.

Surely this depends on the design of your airport. I always put my baggage handling airside so they don’t have to go through security to get in and out of it. I personally feel this is a non-issue and is a design choice/consequence of the way you’re playing the game. If you want to fix the issue then redesign your airport to bring the handling from Landside to Airside. This can be as simple as a rezone.

Okay, sure. But do you agree that this issue shouldn’t exist? That regardless of me putting everything in one building or building separate structures for baggage, staff offices, etc. Staff should have clearance to roam both terminal and tarmac after going through security when they arrive with the bus?
It’s worth adding to the discussion that the actual in-game manual on baggage handling suggests building a separate structure.
(FYI: My new design incorporates everything in one building and I really like how it’s coming along)

No. I do not agree as I don’t think it’s an issue.

Only people who have gone through security should be able to do stuff in secure zones.

I’d argue that the current system is broken as contractors and security staff don’t have to get cleared (Should be a security manager who an go anywhere and thus man security for other security members to get checked). However i’m sure our views of the required realism differ.

So you think it’s realistic to have a security exit out to the tarmac and a security station in the baggage bay structure that’s next to my ATC-tower, fuel depots and vehicle hangar. That’s safely behind fences? And repeat the process when they’re going back to the terminal? I don’t know what airports you’ve been to but they can’t be very effective…

Yeah, but that’s because the airports were designed sensibly by people who knew what they were doing… Can I see a picture of your airport in both zones view and normal view so I can see what you’re complaining about, because it sounds like you don’t need a security exit or security in the baggage bay if you just make the route secure…

I know about all the fixes and that you can zone pavements and service roads as secure as well as some door tricks and zoning them secure, my argument is that by definition, the whole tarmac area should be secure when the only way in and out is through the terminal and security (or the road gate) and thus all staff (with the exception of maybe franchise staff) should be allowed to roam the tarmac, stands and other structures without the need of “meta” fixes.

Maybe I didn’t communicate it clearly but I’m basically asking for the removal of the need for “fixzoning” or the ability to zone the WHOLE tarmac, airfield, grass lawns, etc. that is incorporated into your airport area. (Or the removal of security zoning all together since if the only way in is trough security and the only way out is through a security exit then the area is automatically secured)

EDIT: On my iPad, in bed, so I can’t post pictures right now.

Okay, so maybe we agree more than I thought.

As I said in another thread I do believe that security should be implicit and that anything behind security should be secure. Though that requires “leaks” to be worked out. Or doors that only people with the right pass can go through. Maybe instead of defining something as secure it’s just doors between the zones and you can select who can go through them, like the staff morooms. However there should also be a system that checks your airport security to give you something of a rating on how secure your airport is such that you can get better contracts with a more secure airport. But of course that requires a significant amount more work.

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Yeah, as I look back on my posts I could’ve communicated that better! I had to write them kinda fast since I only have short breaks between drives at work (I’m a tram driver, and it’s the weekend after payday so it has been a stressful evening :sweat_smile:)

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