Staff dont do nothing

Hello aCeo fans … hope you are managing your airports effectively… i have a problem with staff
they seem to just stand their and not go their respective rooms… plus janitors dont do nothing…
is it a bug or i am doing something wrong

help is appreciated …

Well, it’s hard to tell from just your words alone :slight_smile:
Can you provide some screenshots? That might help us help you

Take a look at you job task. Could be that you have too many janitors?
Im not sure, guessing in blind right now.

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I am having the same problem, but specifically with having my planes inspected. I will have 4 planes sitting in their respective stands, waiting to load passengers and the only thing holding up the process are my 8 technicians that are hanging out in the staff area playing on the computers at the desks I provided. The planes each have a red square with a ? in the center and a squiggly line with dots. I am assuming this is as meaning that there is an issue of something not finding a path to their locations. However, I am not getting an alert from the technicians that they want to go somewhere and are unable to. I will post some screen-shots later.

Yes that means there is a pathfinding problem. If the passengers are able to board the plane then I don’t know why it shows you this.

How many ramp agents you have? You have hooked on “Ramp agent Service round enabled” right ? (in operations site)

Have you zoned the offices as staff ROOMS not staff ZONES?

Technicians don’t do planes and stands,only indoor fixing. (Like a a broken sink,toilet or seats) You need ramp agents to inspect a plane.

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yes i did that too

  • You must have enough ramp agents for both baggage system and ramp activities, this includes airraft inspection and handling the baggage loading and unloading.

  • Zone the areas correctly. I put the stands as secure, there’s a continuous secure passage between the baggage room and the stands, including a crosswalk across the service road and a sidewalk to coneect baggage room and stands.

  • Technicians don’t work with aircraft. They do repairs inside the terminal.

There’s a solution I found for the janitors’ issue. I will post a screenshot if it works in a long run of the game later today

Thanks! I will try to increase those and decrease the number of technicians. Will see what happens

That worked for me. Thanks!

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Hello Autumnus. Have you found a solution for the janitors just standing around not working?