Staff count

we have to know how many staff we have in every seperate department.
but there is no quick info about this.
in staff menu, when filter applied, it will be nice feature that how many staff we have.
now we are counting one by one with fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

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This would be nice and seems like it would be easy to accomplish.

Yes, we will implement a revised version of the job task panel to better help you administer your workforce!


On a related note, is there a hard cap for job tasks? It seems that as your airport grows some tasks don’t appear to get scheduled. Specifically it seems ramp agents do not actually work on tasks in the list despite the list saying it is initiated. For instance I will have service round ready to go, agents at the stand, job list shows it is initiated and not delayed, but nothing happens. Is there perhaps a limit to how many jobs actually get done?

This could very well be a pathing issue, where they just take forever to find a path :slight_smile:

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Maybe, but the path is sometimes right above them. Happens with baggage loading and unloading as well. They are already right there, the path is no more than 3 or 4 tiles away.

Assuming they use a version of A* that should be pretty quick :slight_smile: perhaps a node caching issue where the game works with older or incorrect data. Or jus a gazillion nodes. in that case it just isnt their turn to get their path calculated yet?
Which doesnt help you :slight_smile:

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