Some Alpha 33 issues I found

Hi all, I’m just new to the forums but have played ACEO for quite some time. I am using the Big Bird update in experimental mode and have noticed a few issues: (apologies if these are addressed elsewhere, I did look :slight_smile: )

  1. passengers arriving/departing are visible on other floors i.e. if I am building on Lev 0, I can see the pax from Lev 1 walking /to/from stands or lounges, going up down stairs & escalators. This can be stopped for a short time by pressing pg up/ pg down

  2. the dashboard keeps telling me I can’t access access certain functions until I have a COO/CIO but I have both employed and furiously typing away at their desks. The auto-repair function that they control (repair at <10%) does not happen and runways/stands etc continue to degrade and I cant change any of the costs/charges.

  3. janitors don seem to clean floors, the floors remain filthy

4)aeroplanes “jiggle” when entering/leaving runways

  1. service vehicles just stop after a while and do not attend stands or transport pax to planes causing delays and notifications.

Just a few things that I would really love some help with if. Thanks!!


Hello and welcome to the AirportCEO Forum.

Make sure to report these issues to developers via in game bug report system. Press ESC key and click “Report a Bug”. :wink: With this method, developers will also get crucial information about airport, gameplay and PC settings.


I noticed that too. Glad, that I’m not the only one

Haven’t had the chance to play the latest experimental version yet, but the “giggle” when entering is something which always happens if the runway entrance isn’t placed at the very beginning (its edge had to be slightly behind the runway itself). In that case the airplanes obviously wanted to be further back just a few millimeters (or inches for the Americans) which caused the funny turning.
I’ve already destroyed and rebuilt a few runways to get them into the correct position because I didn’t like it.

No, that is not the case with my runway… the entry is at the very end.

Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. I played with the runway entrance/exit and placed it 1 square back from the end of the runway and it seems to have fixed the wiggle mostly. Some planes do a small shake as they enter/exit but it is much better than the jiggles and 360 degree turns from before :slight_smile:


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