(Solved) Yet Another Ramp Agent Post

I did do some searching for previous issues with ramp agents not being able to get to the service car stand. But either none of them really answered the question, or I’m simply not getting it.

[Terminal Layout]

The agent staff room is in the baggage claim area right next to the exits to the service car ramps.

[Secure Zone Map]

[Walking Path Heat Map]

What am I missing that they can’t get to the car?

I am wondering, is it a bug at the heatmap that the crosswalks are marked as walkable? They should be red as they have no conenction to a security check or exit. Only when they are marked as secure zone, they are supposed to be green. @Olof

@no-fun The issue was the crosswalks weren’t secure. So the ramp agents had no way of getting to the car.

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