[Solved] Stands cannot find runway

I’m back to the game after a long time away, and loaded up my old game, but nothing is functional there anymore. Stands are not connected to security, security is not functional because it is not connected to an exit, and I cannot press the security icon on the bottom to fix it.

I then figured maybe too many updates had occurred for the game to recognise and started a new one. But when I build stands and a runway it says it is not connected to the runway and the tutorial isn’t helpful for this noob. Anyone who can help?

Hi, look at the arrows on the runway: you have to switch your entrance and your exit in order to have a correct path

There was a critical issue in the latest beta 5 build affecting the stand’s ability to update their connection, this has now been fixed and everything should be working again if you reboot the game and allow it to update. Otherwise let me know! :slight_smile:


How did you have security with the security function locked? Is this a previous save?

Yes it is a previous save. It seemed that I needed to go through the tutorial again to be able to use different functions.

Well, that helped. Thanks a lot :sweat_smile: