[Solved] Staff not taking their jobs

Hi guys,

New to this forum, playing the game for a couple of weeks already and totally love it (working for an airport myself)!

I was starting a new game yesterday with still a very basic set-up, however I cannot resolve the issue I have: my staff won’t take their positions. If I shortly decrease and increase the assigned staff to the terminal they will do it for ~5 minutes, however for instance at security passengers will not go through the process. I’ve tried everything with zoning, staff room before and after security, etc., however not able to find the problem. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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Welcome to the forum. I suggest reloading your save, that often works. Also, did you receive any pathfinding notificiations?

sounds like a bug. Try closing and then reloading the save.

Am I correct in assuming that you do not have any terminals established?

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I am facing a similar problem regarding my ramp agents from which I hired plenty and only few claimed a job (see one of my other feeds).

See: Bug report: Ramp agents do not pick up tasks

Hi, I am having the same problem with security. I have 10 large security stations at T2, the staff occupied two of them and started with a third then just refused to occupy any more. I now have over 80 security staff which is more than enough but they just sit around in the staff rooms and restaurants. I have reloaded the game several times but to no avail.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve solved it: turned out that I accidentally had created a second ‘terminal area’ (purple icon) of one tile.