[Solved] Service round failing to start

Hey all,

Small issue here, it appears my ramp agents have decided to strike. They just sit around in the airport and refuse to do the service round for this 5 hour delayed Ryanair aircraft. Theres no warnings or path finding issue notifications, so I’m pretty lost.

I have 4 hired ramp agents, and the option is turned on in the operations menu.

Heres the attached airport:

Hi Markey, welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing the screenshot, that helps, but can you please share another screenshot with the zones enabled (Z-key) and a little bit closer zoom towards the terminal and the stands?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve actually managed to solve this, it was an issue with the terminal zoning. For it to work, the ramps also had to be zoned as a terminal.

Sorry for the pain haha

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No problem, great that you’ve solved it on your own! The game can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning with all the options in it. Just let us know if you have any other issues or questions, we are here to help :wink: Will close this topic as solved.

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It is also best to have around 2 to 3 ramp agent’s per stand

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