[SOLVED] Ramp works wont do their job

They can’t get to their job, and I don’t know why…

it’s also possible the secure zone they try to reach is not conencted to any checkpoint. Can you show the airport with zones on?

What kind of job do they need to go to? Bagage bay, stand, remote stand, etc? As @dewitjur asked, please share a daytime screenshot of the area, with zones enabled, that you think is the issue and if that is a bigger area than a screenshot can hold, please upload multiple and point out the path you expect them to walk.

Hi, I want them to go to all of thoes places, They are stuck at the main enterence before security, I took a few pictures here you are!

Also sorry for late response, it wouldn’t let me post since it was my first day.

You’re using the service car stops wrong. They should be connected to the terminal. The service car picks the ramp agents up on that stop, then drives to the stand where the ramp agents will het out next to the plane.

@Olof, @Fredrik this setup keeps coming back on both the forums and discord. Can you create a check that sees if a service car stop has a walkable path to a staff room? And if the boarding desks have a path to the shuttle bus stop.

How would I do that check?

The part after olof and fredrik wasn’t for you sorry for the confusion. Did you understand everything from the first part?

Yes, I got rid of the stops near the remote stands. I disabled baggage and ramp agents for now, so it wouldn’t hold up my planes. The 3 in the remote stands are stuck, but the ramp agents can’t get past security even though there is more than enough security for them to use.

To what service car stop are those stands currently connected?

Won’t let me connect :confused:

You’ll have to dismiss those flights.

Ok, sorry for the delay, I did that still wont work, I reconnected the stands to the service car stop by then airport, the cars have lined up at that stop, but they don’t deliver agents to the ramp. They are still stuck at security.

Ok, so I noticed that only the stands connected to the terminal actually get fully turned around, loading baggage etc… but the remote stands don’t get any action with baggage or inspections.

They may still be bugged from the previous setup. Have you used the ‘reset ramp agents’ button in the debug menu? (F10)

I cant see any secure zoned tiles in the hole in the wall at that car stop either

What do you mean?

Zoom in on the car stop, is that a window or a hole in the wall?
If it’s just a window place a door in the wall between the terminal floor and the car stop, make sure to have it secure zoned

That’s where the secure zone is missing.

Alright, let me test it real quick, I’ll let you know soon.