[SOLVED] Planes won't depart

I haven’t played for a looong while, and when I built an airport I encountered an issue. Planes are stuck at ‘maintenance’ and it seems I can’t do anything about it. Evertyhing seems to be just about fine except that.

will anyone help please?

I think I’ve experienced this same issue before. Check the turnaround manager by pressing “G”. Also, are there a lot of ramp agents at your security checkpoints?

Also can you click on the stand so we can see the turnaround window?

thank you, I’ll do it tomorrow when I’ll have time.

I will be able to do so tomorrow, but I remember everything was completed except the ‘maintenance in progress’ and undone pushback.

Do you have a large push back truck? The smaller ones won’t work with large aircraft. If you don’t have one, the plane will never get pushed back.

Do you have any access path for Ramp Agents to reach to airplane on ground floor level? They cannot access to airplane via jetway.

I do.

do I need to build a sidewalk?

Looks like everything works well when opened again. I’m sorry for bothering you, you may now close the topic if you want to.

I am glad to hear this :slight_smile:

Topic is LOCKED