[Solved] Multiple terminals, personal warning

So I’ve build my first multiple terminal setup right now, all goes well, but I keep having an exclamation mark above the personal tab on each terminal. According to the general staff overview, I’ve no personal issues.

What does it mean and how do I figure out whats the problem? Floating over them does not give an awnser.

Click on them. Then make sure staff have a other from one terminal to the other. Then assign the right amount of staff to the right terminal. Same with vehicles

Yeah, I’m aware of how the shifting of personal works, but both terminals work fine, no open tasks, all task get picked up with ease, yet still I get this warnings. Both terminals have personal to spare on all tasks.

Notifications or that explamation mark?

The exclamation mark, or is it always there? That would be confusing I guess, but then if not, why don’t I get a message when I hover over it. Normally the game tells us about an issue, like pathfinding errors or stands not working.

No thats not an issue mark, I think. If you click on it and then click out of it does it go away? That is what happens for me

Nope, its stuck there.

The notification icon means that you have not assigned a certain type of employee or vehicle to that terminal, but that the terminal has unclaimed job tasks that such an assignment would solve. Is this not the case?

No, that is not the case, as you can see in de UI on the personal icon(screenshot), there is no exclamation mark, which is normally there if I’m understaffed. But I’m on 3.2 and the problem is gone. Still I think it would be usefull to know in what type of personal the issue lies.

Correct, we sorted a bug in relation to this as of the last update.