[Solved] Missing textures on Mac version

I’ve used the in game bug report for missing textures on the Mac version in the last two beta updates, but there’s no sign of a fix. Image attached to illustrate the problem.

At the moment, the game is unplayable for me.

Can you give us your exact Mac specifications including your version of MacOS?

Just double checked on my Mac and I don’t have missing textures, @Rubble any missing textures?

Do you see the same issue on the default branch as well as on the experimental? Also if you start a new game?

Mojave 10.14.6
Radeon Pro 450
16Gb RAM
Intel Core i7 2.6Ghz

I’ve not tried on default, but will give it a go. Same issues with new games & old saves.

Ran fine on default, so switched back to experimental - textures all back to normal now. Very strange, but fixed!

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All right, keep us posted! :slight_smile:

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