[SOLVED] Laggard Passengers

Hey, I have this problem with medium remote gates where 1-10 passengers never board the plane, arent in the terminal (or the map, for that manner), holding my whole schedule back, and even though I set the delay to always send away, it never seems like the airplanes do get sent away if the above happens.

EDIT: Looks like someone forgot about underground parking

I get the ā€˜laggard passengersā€™ occasionally - when I click on the boarding desk and go looking for them (they will have a green halo round them) they are usually in the mega-queue for the 2* cafe. Mega-queue? Yes, the one for the first cafe I built, the queuers in which are totally ignoring the little-used 3* cafe I built just up the terminalā€¦

No, the missing passengers are not anywhere in the mapā€¦ To get them to pushback, I need to manually dismiss them

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Another thing is that some planes refusing to pushback show that thereā€™s more than capacity on the plane, but they still say boarding in process

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Agree this is issue, I think the developers replied to one of my posts a couple weeks agoā€¦ issue is that anyone the bus leaves behind, is not ā€œdenied boardingā€ but once bus has left they can not possibly board

It will be fixed so that the shuttle bus will leave at a set time before departure and any passengers left behind will be denied boarding and therefore leave the secure area having missed their flight.

Hopefully, this will however ensure anyone in the queue at the desk will be accepted and only once their is no queue, will the bus pull away for the stand.

The above fix hopefully soon, should prevent having to manually dismiss a remote stand aircraft due to the bus leaving passengers behind :slight_smile:

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