[Solved] Insane lag issues

Experiencing insane CPU usage, even by just launching the game the CPU rockets up to 100%.
I have an i9-9900K with enough cores and a 4+ ghz clock, so power is not an issue here…

I was able to play 2 days ago without any issues at all, now it is suddenly unplayable.
Things i have tried include: reinstalling the game, creating new saves, and i even went as far as a clean windows installation with no luck.

My temperatures are fine and my GPU sits at a cool 3% usage. (RTX 2070)

I noticed there was an update to the game recently, could this be the issue?

For information: my current airport sits at 256 onsite passengers with only small stands etc.(10-13fps), 5 days ago i ran another save at 4800+ passengers with big stands etc.(60-90fps).

Hi and welcome.

Do you play on the default branch (Beta 7) or on the Experimental branch (Beta 8)?

Currently playing on the default branch, 7.3.5(i believe?)

Edit: I just downloaded and launched the lastet Experimental branch, and i experienced the exact same issues here aswell.

Edit again: I downloaded the legacy version to test, and experienced the same issues there aswell.

Alright, i manually reinstalled every single driver related to gpu, cpu, storage etc in the system. The game now runs at 30fps which is still way too low, but a huge improvement from 10-13fps. This time the CPU ‘‘only’’ flew up to 50% usage on start and load of the game. Still way too much considering a low population and a seriously tiny airport i only made for pure profit. It literally has nothing but the required items needed to run the airport.

Edit: PS: My graphic settings are set to ‘‘good’’ in a system that should run ‘‘fantastic’’, and my passenger ratio is set to 100%.

Can you switch to the Experimental Branch and test if the issue is there too? New performance related stuff has been added in Beta 8.

You can switch in the game properties at Steam:

You can turn back afterwards when it doesn’t help.

As mentioned earlier i already tried the experimental branch and the legacy branch. For amusement however i tried it again, and i faced the same results as earlier, 30 fps.

Ah, I haven’t seen the edit.

Does it happen on every save or only on the current one? If other maps run better, may there is a path or zone issue causing a huge calculation.

I haven’t tried loading another map after i fixed the drivers, i’m gonna go do that immediatley.

I loaded up the other airport with 4800+ passengers, and i hit 70-90fps as i usually did before!
I guess the issue has to be related to the map then? The game actually closed when i tried opening the lagging save

You can either send in a bug report of your save and put the bug report number here, then the devs check it … or you can zip your savegame and share it here. Then we can take a look into it and find the issue. :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the forum!

We would be more than happy to take a look at your save if you report it. High CPU usage at an empty world could be related to V-sync being off. The game till try to render as many fps as possible. Try setting it to ON. However, 10-13fps on a 256 pax save doesn’t sound right. Are you doing any massive construction? Contractor pathfinding can sometimes use quite som CPU and thereby reduce fps. The impact on graphics setting from fantastic to good in your case is extremely minimal. Keep it on fantastic.

Please report that laggy save so that we can debug it. Thanks

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Thank you for the help guys! I managed to figure out the issue regarding the save. It turns out v-sync was indeed off, this increased my fps to the 40-50 range. After some more troubleshooting i found a whopping 7 issues related to pathfinding and managed to re-route them. This almost fixed my fps issues, but after being annoyed by going trough all the work i ended up deleting the entire airport manually and rebuilding it. Currently working on a 24 large stand, international airport. Can’t wait for it to be finished! Thank you again for the help, and sorry i deleted the airport before i uploaded the save, i should have checked the forum first D: I am currently having 30fps whilst building this airport, but i figure that is normal at the size and the amount of work being done in form of construction. If i have any further issues after opening the airport i’ll post the save here :slight_smile:


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