[SOLVED] Assigning Vehicles to Stands?

Hi All,

Been a while since I’ve played, and I am very glad to be back enjoying the new features to me. I don’t know if this is new or not, but I can no longer assign vehicles to stands like I used to before my hiatus. Is this new? Or am I missing a new method of assigning vehicles to stands?


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As far as I know only fuel trucks are not able to be assigned to stands. Could you check the situation after trying save and reload?

I am sure that baggage truck and pushback truck are able to be assigned to stand.

There are now restrictions on the size when assigning, so you can for example only assign a small pushback truck to a medium stand and a large one to a large stand.


I realized it was a backup from incoming, already-paid-for trucks, but they weren’t officially on property yet. They show up on the vehicle list, as they are officially an asset, but I could not assign a stand until they showed up on property. Oddly, I can assign a lot/depot regardless if they are on property or not. Sorry to bother!!


Sorry to bother!!

You don’t need to be sorry :slight_smile: This topic will be helpful to other players who search similar issue on Google.

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