[SOLVED] Airport CEO Keeps Crashing

Hi everyone! I just came here to talk about my crashing game. Whenever I load the game up, it is completely fine. However, when I start a new airport, (when I pick a location) it crashes. Does anyone else have this issue as well?

I have heard about many crashed games, but not when you are just starting the map. Hmmmmm… :thinking: :thinking: I have not had this issue, but is it like that for “ore than one” new save game? If you have played the game fine before you try and load you new save game there should not be much issue with your computer. Sometimes when I have large applications running it causes the game it crash, so try to force quit other applications. Hope it solves your bug, if not you’ll have to send the save game to @Olof if it even saved the new save game.

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Ok. Thanks! I will try that.

This sounds extremely weird and we have no other reports of a similar issue. When it crashes, is any form of error message or similar produced? Can you find the output_log file?

@Olof There was only a brief message in the top left corner that said “This application is not working” And then two buttons “cancel” and “leave” But it just crashed as soon as I chose my location. Also, what is the "output_log file?

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Should I send a bug report?

You can find the a log file in your %appdata% folder, the developers probably need that file.

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Okay. Let me see what I can do.

I don’t know what I did but it finally worked :smile:

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