So many things seem not to work

I have 7hrs invested and I still can not finish the tutorial. I can’t schedule a a flight for a medium Stand even though it is open and shows green. I have tripled my staff even though I only added a two person position. When I try to schedule a flight it does not give a reason other than saying no stands are available. The issue causing something not to be available needs way more information. A simple example is you need 10 staff only 8 available. (I have no idea what is causing my problem or I would solve it) Issues with stores not showing available contracts when clicked on. Then they magically show up days later for no reason. No detail or explanation of what the staff status means.

Games like this should be fun and enjoyable. Not a lot of joy for almost a day of work. Very disappointed.

as game is in alpha stage and early access, we all have to deal with an unfinished game…

So did you activate commercial flights on your stands?
Show us a screen of your stand and your airport (and zoning) , so we can help…

Don’t give up :slight_smile:

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I added another medium stand just like my first one that is working. ie allowing it to be scheduled. The stand is set to commercial only and has a security link it is attached directly to the terminal. I am not sure what else it needs.

It it within the secure zone? Boarding desk attached. When you select the stand, do you see lines going to security?

Try closing and opening the stand again. Not personally had this issue amongst any of the airports built and abandoned.

Do you mean the stand itself or the loading desk? The stand is open to commercial flights and has a connection to security and the loading desk that is set to have two agents. The loading desk is in a secure zone. This room is the same as the one working medium stand. I am not at the computer the game is on or I would send a pic.

Would you mind posting a picture of the troubled stand?

I.e., the stand is not showing up in the flight planner list?

Chill a while and watch this clip to make a medium airport in an hour. The guy does the baggage systems in another clip too, as well as others. Just whatever you do don’t give up, it all drops in place in time and you enjoy it more and more. Keep your early airports too. They are good for working on as you get updates.

I find mine are all working with the latest 0.22.1 update though someone said it was removed, mine still shows it and is working really well on it. Only bug bear for me is when we set luggage to be removed and over 24 hours later (airport time) we can still see it, but the rest of the baggage does get past. I’d like to see removed baggage put in a pile to be sorted and the belts free of obstructions or anything that remotely looks like it might cause one.