So confused any advice please

Hi all hoping someone can help me understand what is going on with a few things. (Hopefully the images work)

  1. Why does the jobs available not move, i have 210 hired with only 65 jobs claimed.

I have T1 & T2

but never seems to go down even if i add more (which seems silly)

  1. This is just driving me nuts:

    Please can someone explain what it means with the notifications?

It is only 3 stands 5, 14 & 20 (left to right 1 to 10, 11 & 12 down then 14 to 19 left to right with 20 at the bottom)

Everything is linked up and it is saying i have surplus passenger agents, I have a lot of check in decks but everything i try doesn’t work.

Hope all that makes sense new to the site and game (even though i cant stop playing it)

Thanks in advance


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Your terminal needs to cover city transit structures either: Bus stops, taxi stops, car drops, subway stations.

Although you don’t need terminals at all since both terminals are accessible to each other. Just remove terminals and see what happens


Not sure, most likely a bug we’ll have to look at. Bug report number?


Hi Olof sorry how do I get a bug number? Is that something in game? If so I will do one tonight.


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It should be in the game settings during gameplay. After you submit the bug report, you take a screenshot of the number it gives you or write it down. If you don’t get the number in the time it gives you, you can look into your files, should be there somewhere. Honestly, IDK where to find it out of the in game menu. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Report Number: ACEO-28681 for the check in Issue (2)

Just a quick note: It occured a few times in my game as well, by that point I didn´t even have the possibilty to create Terminals as the necessary research wasn´t done. So assigning Terminals can not cause this problem, in my oppinion. I´ve had enough check in desks but by creating even more, the problem disappeared. It could be, that a check in desk which shows a flight which is already closed for check in wrongly counts as not available check in desk. That´s just a thought. :slight_smile:

Thanks, we’ll see when we have time to look into this.


Just found a savegame with this issue. But it seems that in my case the warning is correct. As you can see below, I have three empty check-in desks (1), but all of them are connected to another baggage bay which is only connected to small stands. My flight however needs a medium stand and therefore it needs another check-in desk. It turns out, that the designated desk is handling flight AS192 to Havana (2), and as soon as the check-in is closed for AS192, it´s handling flight AS727 to Varadero (3). Handling for that flight should have started at 14:40 but meanwhile it´s 15:11 ingame. So the warning (4) is correct, BUT… one warning would be enough. But it keeps ringing and coming with the same message until the desk is finally handling this flight. So I hope this can be fixed.

I feel like a warning for something would remain until the issue was resolved, but it was only one message. Now, it seem to continue sending the same message over and over until resolved. I agree, it’s a bit excessive.

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