Small planes vs Medium strip

Hey all,

My small planes do choose to queue for the small airstrip, while I have the medium one open for them too, anything I should know?


Edit; I want to add a printscreen, by my airport is winter for serveral RL hours now.

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Spend a lot of money to put some cement down, this is my current setup.

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I don’t necessarily understand the problem. Sorry about that. :frowning:

Planes should utilize all airstrips, when a queue exists. They dont.

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All concrete now, spend about a million I think :wink:

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That is the point, yes!
On my airport i have a Medium and a big runway. Both can be used but Medium planes just use the medium one, even with a big queue.
Here it is the same with small and medium. The Planes could use both runways but they are small planes so they just use the small runway.

In my opinion this is a bug…


Can confirm this with a medium and a large runway.

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Its probably because the games pathfinding is currently pretty poor, especially when it comes to aircraft.


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