Small gate seating bug?

In the picture shown below, all my arriving pax just sit down at the baggage pick up and don’t leave unless I destroy the gate seating. What is going on?? Is it a bug?

This happens to me to. Are your gate seats inside the baggage claim area?

There might not be enough chairs throughout your airport for the arriving pax, so they go sit in the baggage claim area .

No they are not, I’ll try that and see if it works.

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are all your baggage getting to the baggage claim?

Yea, I relocated the baggage claim area to include the seating and everyone got up and left but then a whole new crowd sat down and didn’t leave…

Do you know if they were arriving pax or pax just waiting for their bags. It should say.

By any chance have you sent away aircraft with the button on the stand?

I did, maybe that’s why.

I just loaded up my game and they were all sitting. I open a new tab post my reply and now they all left. I don’t understand…

And now they are all sitting again…

where are they coming from? arrivals or departures?

I have this bug too, all arivals. Some with bags in the claim area some without. Many of them go to the bathroom when leaving the airport once the seatings are destroyed.

I remember reading something about AI breaking down when playing on 3 speed a bit ago. I used to have the bathroom problem when I routinely ran my airport at 3 speed.

yeah, running at speed 1 saved almost all my problems at my huge ABQ airport! only use 3 speed in the beginning to get things started and to make money but don’t expect things to happen correctly or on time.

Had the same issue, submitted a report. Maybe @Olof knows something more now?

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