Small and modular service vehicles parking

The vehicle Depot is nice, though a little small visually for the number of vehicles it can host, also the number of vehicles in a depot should be based on vehicle size VS depot surface rather than a solid number, because small vehicles like the Service Car or the Baggage Truck (without trailer) is smaller than a Bus, and we can park two of them where a single Bus fit, also I don’t really see 20 bus in that tiny depot…

But the real issue is with the Parking Lot itself, sometime I just need a single parking spot for a single vehicle or two (Fuel Truck for GA aircraft for example) or in other occasion I need one more than the 7 available places and end up building two Parking Lot for a single or just two additional spot.

So I thought about it and I think the perfect solution would be to add two new structure to the game.

The first one would be a Small Parking Spot, in two size, the same as Car and Bus parking lot without the passenger part (2x1 for the small one and 4x1 for the large one), small vehicles would fit in the smaller and longer ones in the larger Bus sized one, it could be placed anywhere along a Service Road as Service Car Parking and Airside Bus Stop are, it is obviously meant for a single vehicle (with a possible exception), and we can assign vehicles to it as regular Depot/Parking Lot.
Either only make a Bus sized one to make it simple, or make two of them and there is multiple possible rules :
Small vehicles only goes to the small parking, and big vehicles on the big parking.
Small vehicles fit both and big vehicles are limited to the bigger parking, one vehicle per parking.
Same as previous, but two small vehicles can fit on the bigger parking spot.

And for the second structure, the modular parking, it would basically be the same design and system as the angled 7 places Parking Lot we have but only contain a single spot, the first one must always come with the access “road/path” (automatically constructed with the first one or two item to build ourselves, the first one having it and the second item being the extension) and we can build as many as we want against to it to extend the number of spots, all attached together will be considered as a single parking construction when choosing where to park a vehicle, the name of the “main/first” one (the one with the access) will basically be its name and the others extension part attached to it won’t be nameable.
If we remove the first/main one, all the others become unavailable to park to but aren’t deconstructed.

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I really like the idea of modular parking lots!

It isn’t on top of my wishlist, but definitely worth a posting feature voting… :wink:

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Modular parking lots and the possibility to place them on different levels to create parking decks.

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@sirhc80 Thanks !
@Titule If we could place those parking inside a building (terminal like) and have a new item in the form of the curved road which connect two floors on typical open parking it would be totally possible !

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