Skye Storm Video

Not sure if anyone is aware of this, but a fairly large tycoon game video creator has made a video about upcoming tycoon games.

He ranked the in order of what he considered the best games, and Airport CEO was ranked 2nd in the list!!! Above Sim Airport importantly as well! Hopefully this increases the awareness the game has.

Anyway, here is the video link:

(And I am definitely interested in a number of the other games now, as long as my budget allows me to purchase when they release)


It was a good video and I think that he has made a really good point about the balancing of realism and complexity of the game systems. I do wonder with lots of request for features we need to balance realism and hardcore airport management with the needs of creating a game that is fun and approachable so it sells enough to keep enough devs able to work on the game. I’m well and truly on the hype train for the game and can’t wait.

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Yes i saw it last night. He is pretty positive about Airport CEO.
And to be honest, from what he said about simairport, i’m kind of inclined to give that one a try too :slight_smile:

Not to hurry the developers, but i do hope that after the Steam process has concluded there won’t be many more delays, or SimAirport might snatch up more and more of the market. They had a rocky start, but they’re looking better each day. Being first is not important, but since the competition is getting better and better, the time to act is not far off… :smiley:


I’m particularly impressed that Airport CEO is number 2, bearing amongst others games that have actually released and are playable.

That’s high praise indeed.

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As he said himself, he ordered it by potential… :smiley:

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