Should voting not be closed?

Hey, so what’s happening to the voting? Did I miss something?
It’s been open for so long, and I think most voters are out of votes?

The voting process has been overhauled and is now a continuous process where developers will use it to take inspiration. I’m pretty sure however that there is roadmap for the game until full release so I’m not sure if many ideas will make it to 1.0

But the votes are still limited. New ideas have now no chance.

Limiting the votes means you have to choose what you want most, otherwise I would vote for every idea because more content = better.

It does require extensive moderating, merging similar ideas to concentrate votes and active tracking to see what has been implemented, which I think is a lacking a bit.

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But that does not work when really good new ideas are coming in. A vote limit works then when everything has to get in until a specific deadline and then there is a time frame to vote.


Otherwise deactivate the vote function and make a poll every x months with the new suggestions which came in during that period. Then this solution with restricted votes will work.

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Thanks for filling me in. And i agree with @andyc

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