Shop and food rebalance

  • Store and restaurant requirements should vary a lot more
  • Restaurants should pay rent per seat, not per sqm
  • Some restaurants should require a kitchen
  • Stores should require different type of shelfs
  • Some stores should require “storage space”
  • To get the best deals you should approach the operator once you meet the demands (like peticular amount of passenger flights a day, etc)
  • Deals should be for much longer period, possibly forcing you to pay a fine if you cancel it because of your redesigns

Dont we?

  1. We’ll get there :wink:

  2. hmm interesting, does it work in real life this way as well? having to pay per seat and not per sqm?

  3. Kitchens would be great!
    Note that we currently don’t have restaurants in game, current ones are just your average sandwich/snack and drink shops.

  4. What do you mean by different type of shelves?

  5. Storage space would be great, but tbh, with 1m (1 building block) thick walls, having to add a “room” in your stores for storage might suddenly require your shops to be rather big?

6 & 7) I’m sure the mechanics of how shops are supposed to work will be tweaked for better and more fun results!

Yeah, now that you mention it… we could use some thin interior walls… :smiley:

And make sure they come in a glass version as well. :yum:

use the xmas decoration :smiley:
but yeah internal walls would be cool!

well we have glass doors now ingame :wink: its a start

Have I missed it?

Lol, I misread that. You said doors, doh. We just need that as as a panel we can use for partitions.

Maybe we could do an "off site storage room , anywhere at the airport with a road/service road connection?

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make it a feature vote to get windows :smiley:

I did one to get rope barriers…

That would serve the same kinda purpose, but windowed walls yeah, lets go for it…

First of all I really like the new restaurants. However as a chef I have to say 5 cooking stations (as they look at the moment) in an airport restaurant is too much.

My ideas for restaurants and shops are

  • count all items like sink, table, stove, … so 5 cooking stations is ok or can also be higher. There are different parts in a kitchen like saucier (sauce, meat), gardemanger (salad, cold dishes), etc. and not all need a stove.

  • or what I would prefer, the different types (restaurant or cafe) need nothing but the company request the items they need as it is now with tables, plant, etc.

  • If the companies request there items, it would be nice to have more objects like ice cream machine, soft ice machine or display deep freezer (I don’t know the right english word) for ice cream shops, display counters or shelves for bread or doughnuts, for cafes and bakery’s or a heat bridge for fast food take aways. This could also be used for shops like a special chair and a mirror for hairdressers, a file cabinet and a desk for travel agency’s or banks, and company logos.

BTW is there a list for items wich a accepted for the requested items? I tried to ad the coffee machine but it didn’t worked.

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