Shift change @ security

Whenever there is a shift change at the security, there is a bunch of passengers that get’s thrown out of the cue, and have to do it all over again. Also generating a lot of messages.

Is it easy to code then just to wait in the cue until the new staff is at place and ready?

There is such a festure, but the limit is set to 20 in-game minutes. Maybe we can increase it.

Because of the pre-set 20 in-game minutes that @Olof mentions, I always ensure there is a staff room that allows security staff pretty close to my security checkpoint(s); sometimes I even create a security-only staff room. I would also suggest making sure the staff rooms that are not relatively close to the security queues do not allow security agents. We really only need the security staff for the security check point and the top-level baggage scanner; so make sure they are allowed to only use staff rooms closest to these points.


Having almost Always a Staff room close enough, with security staff in it, i see them arriving at the security station before the previous shift leaves.

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Yeah, I’d say it doesn’t make sense to increase the waiting time for PAX standing in a inactive queue. If something like this happens, it’s bad design. Just try to avoid it with better design.

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