Self Check-in Counter

Self check-in counter now it’s used in many developed airport in advance country, i think it’s good if the developer add it to the game, because now player can less using airport staff for the check-in :smiley:

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Good idea but i think not the most necesary thing right now. I think airbridges and tunnels are MUCH MORE necessary things. :wink:

According to this top secret footage photo ( :sunglasses: ) self check in counters may become one day.


You folks have a wonder way of keeping things interesting. :grin:


Dev’s any updates on when the self service check in will be implemented and make it in a way where only passengers that have bags are required to check in using the check in desk.

This is in the feature voting list, so depended on if the community votes enough for this feature to be it implemented in the next round.

these are 3d structures, and ACEO is a 2d game, so this is not made by the devs.

it is :slight_smile: we use 3D models and turn them into 2D assets.

Using 3D models we can have the computer generate real shadows on the model, allowing us to easier create a good looking 2D asset for the game!


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