Security to international [solved]

I got a problem.
I´ve built the airport so there are two different security checkpoints.
One for small and medium and one right before the passport check to get inside the international area.
My problem (that I didn´t have before) is that it seems like the passengers can´t figure out which one of the security they should use. So i´m getting passengers going through security and then get stuck because they want to go to the diferent area.

How can i solve this? Can´t I have two diferent security checkpoints?

Hi @Twitchy and welcome to the forum.

Can you post a screenshot of your security setup, please, so that we can help you?

Something I have noticed is that if you security sections are merged somewhere then departing passengers will use all available checkpoints regardless of if they can get to their final destination or not.

Yeah, so from the looks of that all the area you have marked as secure is one zone - the stands and your baggage Bay Area connect them. I can see that it is secure zone 2, is secure zone one somewhere else completely?

In order for the passengers to go the appropriate security checkpoint you need to have 2 distinct secure areas with no overlap.

Ohhh, thats it :smiley: Thank you so much!

No worries. So if make them two different security areas does it work?

Exactly! :slight_smile:
Thats why it worked all the time untill i was building some new stuff and couldn´t figure out why it stopped working. But with your explanation I found that the security area had merged.

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