Security checkpoints turn on automatically

I turned off some of my security checkpoints as my airport currently has a low amount of passengers travelling through it. However, every time I save and quit the game, all the security checkpoints are turned on again when I enter the game again and reload my save.

It has happened every time I reboot the game and I just find it odd that it affects only my security checkpoints as the aircraft stands and check-in booth that I turned off remain turned off when I load my save.

I’m curious as to if this has happened to anyone else.

I had that issue with Beta 2, but haven’t seen it with any of the more recent updates

Had this for a long time, they turn on after you load. But not until you actually press TAB I believe

Same, I bug reported this a while back.

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Can you bug report a save where this happens all the time and let me know the bug report number here? This bug has eluded me for quite some time and I would really like to crush it.


I will start a new airport today. Assuming the planning tool works now :wink:
If I encounter this I’ll send in one also. The more the merrier :slight_smile:


Please do an do let me know immediately once you send it in!

Yes Captain!

Have built security stations now. And as I assumed I can produce the bug.

  1. Close the security stations.
  2. Save the game.
  3. Load the game
  4. Press tab and then Operations.

When you hit Operations they all open automatically.
Bug report is 36621 @Olof

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Ah perfect, another slider interaction issue. I will squash it, great find! :slight_smile:


You’re awesome <3 :smiley:
While you Squash all the bugs I can recommend the song Tango - Emrod. Because I imagine it’s a tango with all that code! Also this song works great! When watching a few 1000 pax walking thru your airport on speed two or three. Hehe :sweat_smile:

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I’ve just had this happen on my current airport on B2-2.3 on Default branch. Had one Security Checkpoint closed while I waited for staff to recurit, saved game and quit ACEO. Later on, started ACEO and reloaded save - next time I looked at Security, the gate was open and incompletely manned (2/4 guards).

We’ll have to start with the initial issue, that will be patched in tomorrow’s update, after that we can see if issues still remain.


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