Security bug

Not that long ago while I was watching one of my airports get built, I noticed no one was doing anything. I found out that the security wasn’t going to the checkpoints. I did fix it, but I don’t want it to happen again.
thx :wink:

I don’t get it. You had a security station bug in game but you managed to fix it and now you “request” from developers to not happen şt again?

Well usually every time a bug appears, it will probably happen over and over again until fixed. Right?

You say there’s a bug, whithout properly explaining the bug. Especially if you’ve been able to fix the ‘bug’ should you also be able to say what was wrong. For now we can only deduct you probably misshandled something wrong ingame so we can not even recreate the issue and file a proper bug report.

I’m going to get a screenshot of it, and try to recreate it. And should I file a bug report or not.

Oh nevermind. Checked the development pipeline and turns out that it’s fixed. ACEO-9092

I’m happy it was resolved, even though i still don’t know what your bug would have been.