Secure Zones combining even though separate

These two secure zones are not connected in ANY WAY, but the game recognizes them as one so passengers are going through security for the lower one even though it does not have access to any of their gates which are upstairs in the other secure zone

I deleted the zoning on the lower area and re-zoned it, which fixed the problem, so now I look a bit stupid but this is still an issue.

I think the game recognizes this little corner (marked yellow) and connects the zones there.

no-fun’s observation seems accurate, I concur.

I’ve noticed sometimes, rare occasions (will report when i notice any), walls/windows don’t always remove the zone below when placed. If you then unzone/rezone it works okay. I also noticed plants/hedges no longer dezone the tile below them, makes sense though that this happens but sometimes particularly with hedges it can be hard to see the zone below.

Not necessarily bugs, but more about things which may sneak into your designs :wink: rezoning has always fixed these rare instances.

Every-time I reload the save, it reconnects them even though I delete the zone that is touching

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