Secure staff room bug

So I want my staff to all go into that staff room. Everything is checked off but they still aren’t going in! Is there any way to fix this?

You cargo bays are not secure for a start? I also don’t tend to build staff rooms in secure areas. I keep them between security stations and exits.

Nevermind, they’re actually in it now after adding the secure areas.


Always place them in Secure area, never a problem :slight_smile:

Ramp agents do not really care about secure areas I found out… I built a bagage bay outside the terminal and added a separate entrance with a small security station, but the ramp agents just walk outside the building and enter the bay via the road access. I’ve not yet seen any ramp agent using the secure entrance or exit:

Ramp agents arrive, do not use the security entrance and enter the secure bagage bay through the road access

And when they leave they also do not use the secure exit, just walk outside through the road exit…

Also have the issue (again/still?) that the bagage system is switched off when I load a save game.